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          The Department of Development Control is a multi-disciplinary establishment created in March 2002 out of the then Land, Planning and Survey, Department of FCDA. The Department was given the primary responsibility of guiding, directing and controlling physical development within the Federal Capital Territory, a duty that was previously performed by the Department of Land Planning and Survey.


The Department of Development Control is the organ of the FCT Administration that is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring and ensuring compliance with all development guidelines, largely, the Abuja Master Plan and the FCT Regional Development Plan as conceived by the founding fathers before 1979. The Development Control was a Division under the Department of Planning and Survey before it became a full-fledged Department of its own in 2002.

Activities of Department of Development Control in the FCT have far reaching impact on the environment, health, safety and convenience of the people. While activities are painful and herculean to the people and officials respectively, they are nonetheless aimed at achieving the goals and aspirations of the founders of Abuja, the new Capital City of Nigeria, one within which people can live, work, recreate and interact with utmost ease.

The Federal Capital City and indeed the entire Territory have witnessed flagrant abuse and distortion of development policies and guidelines. The city has suffered unscrupulous land speculation activities, manifested through indiscriminate conversion of flood plains and green areas, unprecedented and spontaneous growth of slums and squalid settlements leading to the collapse of infrastructure and other essential services, as well as an extremely low urban environmental quality. There were also increased rate of traffic congestion, crime and haphazard development contrary to the aspirations of the founding fathers and concepts of the Master Plan for the new capital city. It is in this vein that the Federal Government in 2003 adopted the policy of the restoration of the Abuja Master Plan in its entirety.


Abuja Metropolitan Management Agency (AMMA) was created in November, 2005 with the aim of instituting sustainable structures for effective management and gradual restoration of the Federal Capital Territory. However, on 6th, September 2007, the name of the Agency was changed to Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, AMMC .  




Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) operates through four technical and one service departments namely;

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Urban Affairs
  • Development Control
  • Facilities Maintenance & Management
  • Administration and Finance



  • Granting official permit for all forms of physical developments, private and public, and monitoring same to ensure suitability of completed development structures for human habitation.
  • Granting of setting-out permit, stage approved permit and continued monitoring to ensure proper implementation.
  • Planning and installation of street furniture e.g. signboards, billboards, signages, telecommunication mast and other amenities and conveniences.
  • Determination and application of appropriate sanctions for non-compliance with development guidelines and regulations.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of physical development in line with the provisions of the Master Plan and other Development Control guidelines.
  • Providing guidelines for the improvement of aesthetics of individual and public properties and over all street scape.
  • Offering of advice and counseling to prospective developers.



The Department is structured along the lines of professions and operations for prompt and efficient service delivery. It consists of the Directorate and five major divisions. The structure is as follow:

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