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  1. When is the appropriate time for one to have his/her building plan approved?

At most within 28 days one should be able to have his approval, provided the submission meets the required Development Control Standards.

  1. What does the X mark signify?

An X mark on any structure signifies:

  1. red alert that the developer’s attention is needed in respect of the structure marked
  2. that the action marked is an illegal activity


  1. How many copies of building plan drawing is required for development permit application?

At the point of submission, a developer is expected to submit one copy and 3 copies for stamping after the payment of bill.

  1. Is there any penalty for delay in settlement of bill?

The stipulated time frame for settlement of bill is 30 days (one month) form the date of receipt of the bill. Failure to settle the bill within the stipulated time frame attracts additional 20% charge on the original bill.

  1. When should one invite the officials for of the Department for setting out inspection?

Within 6 months of the conveyance of approval, the developer is expected to carry out the profile setting and excavation and thereafter invite officials for inspection of same

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