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It is important to note that it is illegal to commence any form of development in the FCT without requisite permits. Such act will amount to contravention of existing laws namely sub-sections 1-3 of the FCT Act 1976, Urban & Regional Planning Act of 1992 amended 1998 and the provisions of the National Building Code and necessary sanction will be applied.

The below constitute contravention;

  1. Unauthorized change of land use.
  2. Building without relevant permit as at when due;
  • Building when permit has expired;
  1. Building not in conformity with approved drawing;
  2. Building with sub-standard materials;
  3. Building without valid/legal title;
  • Building on public utility facilities and service lines;
  • Unauthorized removal of structure/trees;
  1. Building after revocation of title;
  2. Fraudulent acquired permit;

And the following sanctions will apply depending on the nature of the contravention;

  1. Issuance of relevant notices (stop, Quit and Demolition);
  2. Schmidist Hammer Test/Structural analysis for developers without approval;
  • Mandatory payment of contravention fee as stipulated by Department of Development Control;
  1. Withdrawal of relevant permit;
  2. Sealing of premises;
  3. Outright demolition of structures.


  1. Issuance of bill
  2. Payment at designated bank
  • Submission of Bank transaction (teller) for collection of receipt
  1. Submission of 3 sets of drawings for stamping

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