Destroying of shanties In Kabusa Junction By Department of Development Control AMMC Abuja

Hon. Minister FCT Nyessom Wike Leads Clean-up Exercise and Removal of Illegal Structures at Kabusa Junction In a remarkable effort to enforce the Abuja Masterplan and improve road infrastructure, the 

Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyessom Wike, spearheaded a clean-up exercise and removal of illegal structures and shanties at Kabusa junction. Accompanying him was the director of Development Control, who shed light on the significance of this location in relation to the Wumba, Dutse, and Galadimawa roundabout road intersection. The clean-up exercise aimed to restore order and efficiency to Kabusa junction, which had become heavily congested with illegal structures and shanties. These unauthorized constructions adversely impacted traffic flow and posed safety hazards to commuters. By removing these obstructions, the Minister and his team aimed to create a safer and more organized environment for all road users. Highlighting the importance of this initiative, the director of Development Control emphasized its direct correlation with the Abuja Masterplan. Kabusa junction's strategic location within the Wumba, Dutse, and Galadimawa roundabout road intersection necessitated its adherence to urban planning guidelines. This clean-up exercise showcased the Government's commitment to upholding the Masterplan and ensuring sustainable development in the capital city. The clean-up exercise and removal of illegal structures at Kabusa junction marks a significant milestone in enhancing road infrastructure and restoring orderliness in the FCT. The Hon. Minister's leadership in spearheading this initiative demonstrates a dedication to improving the lives of citizens and ensuring a safe and efficient transportation system.